Hot Chocolate Season and new Chocolate Bars! November 21 2013

Wow, for us on Bowen Island it's a chilly 1ºC and that's got us huddled inside with a little hot chocolate.

The decor is changing in the shop...can you guess what's coming?

Also, we've just listed our Impressions of BC Chocolate Bars: Granite, Fish and Cedar. The names describe the beautiful textures of our custom molds into which we cast the chocolate. Stocking stuffers anyone?

Bunnies On the Way... March 22 2012

We've been busy creating organic chocolate treats especially for Easter. Our Easter Nest is a beautiful example of chocolate as sculpture - artwork you can eat - created by our Maitre Chocolatier Joanne Mogridge and Kelly Miller here in our shop on Bowen. 

If you live in the Metro Vancouver area, we can deliver to you via Artisan Express; the Nests can't be shipped by Canada Post.

New Hot Chocolates, New look, So Delicious! August 18 2011

We're so pleased to unveil our line of Organic Hot Chocolate Shavings on our online shop! The newly designed packaging is a sleek charcoal brown with our signature swirls with a punch of colour to distinguish the six blends. Yes, six!: Signature, Poblano, Classic, Seville, Sojourn and Cocoa Powder. Here's a quick description:

Signature - our signature blend, more complex, fragrant and distinctive

Poblano - named for the people of Puebla, Mexico (where Carlos' Dad is from!); a blend of chili & spices for a touch of heat

Classic - rich milk chocolate with a touch of cinnamon

Seville - velvety dark 71% cocoa mass chocolate with a hint of cinnamon

Sojourn - perfect at work or travel - just add hot water, stir & enjoy

Cocoa Powder - use for baking, enhancing smoothies or dusting on desserts

These are the same flavours we offer from our menu of hot chocolates (!) in our shop on Bowen Island. Now you can try them at home. They also make great gifts. 

The outer box is easily recyclable but it's sturdy so you can re-use it first. The inner bag has a re-closeable seal and is left blank so you can use it for holding other food items when all the hot chocolate's gone. It weighs less and is less bulky than our previous cylindrical containers and that means less gas is used to move it around. Plus it's sourced in our local community which makes us happy!

Wow. So, here they are:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Joanne & Carlos

Hot Chocolates are Coming... July 19 2011

We're excited that our new hot chocolate packaging will be here soon, and that means we'll be adding our - I have to say it - amazing Hot Chocolate Shavings to our store. They're Certified Organic and will reflect our menu of Hot Chocolates that we offer in our shop on Bowen Island. Stay tuned...


Happy Mail Boxes Again July 07 2011

Shipping via Canada Post has resumed. Yay! Now let's feed all those hungry little mailboxes out there with some wonderful organic truffles..!


Limited Delivery Area for now. June 15 2011

While we can still deliver to West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver Downtown via Artisan Express, we're unable to ship via Canada Post for the time being due to a national labour disruption. We're looking into other carriers and will post updates here. For more info on the Postal disruption, you can visit the CanadaPost website



There's chocolate on your January 26 2011

Well it's a double whammy new thing: Carlos and Cocoa West both joining Facebook, and on the same day! Coincidence? Maybe. Please be gentle, I'm pretty new at the social media thing. Fortunately I will be learning from Kelly, a seasoned expert who will ensure everyone has a good time!


The Cocoa West Online Store is Open October 25 2010

Well, we've finally created an online store. We're starting simple and small for now, but will expand our product offerings as we go along. You can order our Certified Organic Signature and Poblano hot chocolates, and of course our organic truffles in Assorted, Mostly Milk and Mostly Dark selections. Please note that for the time being, we'll only be shipping within Canada - but it's a good start!
Joanne and Carlos