Food Bank

     Donate and Enter

Brighten someone's Holiday and Donate
to the Bowen Island Food Bank.

There are many islanders who rely on the Food Bank especially at this time of year.

This holiday season, be a great neighbour and Donate to help fill the shelves at the food bank! Simply drop off your non-perishable food donation at Cocoa West and be invited to enter our draw for the beautiful...

"Winter Chocolate Cottage"

Our Winter Chocolate Cottage has been delicately crafted by Kelly Miller, (yes, that’s Bowen's resident Tattoo artist) at Cocoa West. As always, using only the finest organic chocolate she has prepared not only a ‘Chocolate Cottage’ but an impressive show piece for families on Christmas Day!


Preferred items for the Food Bank:

- Canned meat and fish
- Pasta and rice
- Canned fruit and vegetables
          And of course, we accept all perishable food donations.

Thank you for your generous spirit and Good luck on the Draw,          
             Sunday Dec. 23rd at 3pm



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