Website Ordering FAQs


Can I choose to Pick-up at the Café?
Yes. Simply fill in the required Customer Information (email and address) and click on "Continue to Shipping Method". You can now click "Pickup on Bowen Island". Please indicate the date you would like to pick up your Order.

How long will my chocolates last?
Enjoy them while they are fresh. We use fresh cream in most of our truffles with no preservatives, so they should be enjoyed within two and a half weeks (18 days). This is why we always ship by Xpresspost, which is 2-3 days to most parts of Canada. If you really need to keep the chocolates longer, you can wrap the box in two layers of plastic wrap and keep it in the freezer. Let the wrapped box warm to room temperature (about six hours) before unwrapping the box.

What size boxes do you offer?
We have three sizes. Please (see 'Chocolate Truffles' to order). Prices do not includes taxes & shipping.

Can I choose which chocolates go in a box?
We offer pre-selected assortments of mostly Milk and Dark chocolate. In order to simplify the fulfilling of orders, we have created set selections that demonstrate what we do here best. We'll often have new flavours as we create them. Please note that our selections may contain alcohol, dairy, gluten, nuts or nut traces.

Are there nuts in your chocolates?
Nuts are used in our shop, so even if we don't put nuts in a particular chocolate, there is a possibility there may be traces of nuts.

Do you have a description sheet to identify the different chocolates? 
We do include a description sheet which shows many of our chocolates but we're always coming up with new ideas. If you get one of these in a box, close your eyes and enjoy the tastes - see if you can figure it out!

Can I order your Hot Chocolate mixes too?
Yes, we currently offer our Signature, Poblano, Seville, Classic and Chai hot chocolate mixes.  (see 'Hot Chocolate Shavings' to order)

Will it cost a lot more to ship because Cocoa West is on an island?
No. The Xpresspost cost will be the same as from Vancouver - we're only about 40 minutes away from downtown.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa and MasterCard.


Do you ship within Canada?
Yes. Via Canada Post.

Do you ship outside of Canada?
Not at the moment.

I live outside of Canada but I want to send chocolates to someone who lives in Canada; can you do that?
Yes. As long as the shipping address is still within Canada.

Can I send chocolates to someone at a different address than my credit card billing address?

Which days to you ship?
We send our packages on Thursdays. 

What shipping options are there?
We ship via Canada Post Expedited Parcel (2-7 days delivery) depending on the destination in Canada. 

How much will the shipping cost?
It depends on the physical size and weight of the package and the destination. 

Can you include a gift card with my order, which I'm sending to someone else?
Gift cards with your brief message are available; enter your text in the "Notes" section on the online order form.