Bar Sampler 'Refreshing Combo'


Impressions of BC 
Can't decide which type of chocolate is your favourite? No problem - we've
got you covered with our combination of white, milk and dark chocolate bars.

We hand cast organic chocolate into custom moulds, capturing the beauty
of Canada’s west coast. Unique artisan chocolate!

Includes one each of Refresh, Snow, Fossil and Dig.

Refresh - Coconut, Mint and White Chocolate
  Certified Organic, 74g / 2.6oz 

Snow - Pure White Chocolate

  Certified Organic, 70g / 2.5oz

Fossil - Milk Chocolate
  39% cocoa mass, Certified Organic, 74g / 2.6oz 

Dig - Milk Chocolate, Brittle and Rice Crisps
  44% cocoa mass, Certified Organic, 74g / 2.6oz 

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